Welcome to RunPatRun!!

Welcome to RunPatRun, a blog that I’ve created to talk about all things running! 

I’m hoping that this blog can be a fun way for me to show what I’ve learned from running, how it’s changed me and also help some people along the way.  I’ll be posting new material every Wednesday, ranging from experiences I’ve had in running (training, racing) to lists of shoes, gear, books and documentaries that I like!

I would love to hear about your running experiences and what you think about the blog!  I can be reached through the comments section below, the “Contact RunPatRun” page or through my Instagram page.  Please follow RunPatRun using the “Follow” button to receive updates when I post new content.  Lastly, if you like the blog or know anyone else that might enjoy it, please share it with them!

Thanks for visiting!

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