Streaking Highlights

A few weeks ago, I posted on here about some struggles that I have had during my running streak that started on November 24, 2017. 

Naturally, there have also been many good moments and highlights that have come during this time.

To be honest, I never paid too much attention to year anniversaries or milestone days.  Those days have always just been another day like all of the other days during the streak.

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I don’t think that many people outside of my family even knew I was running every day until about day #900. 

Once I got to 1,000 consecutive days, I began to realize that I should be happy with what I’ve achieved. 

I received a lot of nice comments on my 1,000th day, many from people I have never met in person but still meaningful all the same. 

One comment that has stuck with me was from my friend Mark in England, who said that no matter what else happens with my running I’ll always be able to say I ran 1,000 days consecutively.

A few others said I was crazy, which of course was meant as a compliment!

Even though I was happy to have reached 1,000 days and the other “milestone” days since, I still wasn’t satisfied. 

The streak isn’t something that I think about all the time because it isn’t a finite target or goal. 

It’s open-ended – I don’t have any plans to stop it. 

During the last few years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, but most importantly enjoyed the process of getting better over this time.

So, while some of these aren’t necessarily milestones, they are certainly things I view as highlights:

Getting Here// Of course, one highlight is just reaching this point.  Working through or around all the obstacles that I’ve come up against – the ones I mentioned in my post about 5 weeks ago as well as a few others. There’s never a “should I run or not” argument in my head before I run, which makes things a little easier knowing that I’ll be running each day.

Consistency// This one might seem self-explanatory, but there is a little more to it than that.  Before I started my streak, consistency was one of the things that I struggled with the most.  Consistently running, or anything else for that matter, helps to improve results and make you feel more comfortable with what you’re doing. Drastically improving my consistency with this streak has allowed me to set higher standards for myself and continue to believe that I haven’t reached my peak yet.

Personal Bests// All of my personal best times have come since the beginning of my streak.  One of the 1st races that I did after the start of my streak was a local 5k and I came in 3rd place overall.  Even though this was a very small race, it really helped give me the confidence that I could achieve really good times in races and still continue to run every day. Since then, I have gotten new personal best times in the half marathon and marathon twice each.

Days After Races// This might be a strange or unexpected one to some people, but some of the days that I’m most proud about continuing the streak are the days in San Francisco, Seattle and Germany. These are the days after my half or full marathons where I have achieved new personal best times. These days required me to run on sore legs, but they have really been great opportunities to collect my thoughts and casually relive the races themselves often on sections of the course that I ran the day before. 

Some might view the day after a race as a rest or recovery day, but I have actually used these days to reflect on the day before. Even if the runs themselves weren’t my best on these days, they still allowed me the time to think about what I did in the race and what I could possibly do better to continue to make progress. 

I’m still not sure where or how far this streak will go.  As simple as it sounds, taking it one day at a time is the only way forward for me. Hopefully, as the time continues to go on, I’ll be able to add to these highlights and keep experiencing the best that running and life has to offer!

7 thoughts on “Streaking Highlights

  1. Excellent write-up, and kudos for your run streak. That’s super impressive (which is something I’m sure you’ve never heard before!)

    I liked your point about the runs after races. The chance to relive some of the moments, I like that idea and may have to adopt this myself.

    Is there anything you do that has made your run streak routine click? Not sure if you’ve read Atomic Habits, but habit-chaining essentially. I’ve found doing this in my life has helped greatly. Just curious if you have your own methods.

    Keep up the good work, and, hopefully, the streak!

    Kyle, The Travel Runner

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    1. Thanks Kyle! The main thing I’ve done to make the routine click was just remember that a tough or hard run/day would be short-lived. And also I almost always feel better after a run than before!

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