The Long Run

Long runs are tough. Especially when you aren't used to doing them. Or when the distance is further than you've gone before. There can be many factors - both mental and physical - as to why you might struggle on a long run. That's why it helps to plan ahead if possible when a long … Continue reading The Long Run

Post-Race Blues and How to Overcome Them

So, you've just finished a race recently and it seems like you are lacking motivation to get back out running? Well, you aren't the only one who has experienced this. And it can happen no matter how you did or felt you did in the race itself. While I haven't necessarily felt this after every … Continue reading Post-Race Blues and How to Overcome Them

‘Tis the Season for Running

With Christmas and New Year's coming up, it can be a very difficult time to stay active and keep running. Between time with family, maybe some traveling, and work or family parties, it can be hard to stick to your routine. And that says nothing about the food and/or drinks that you might have as … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Running

Running in the Cold

Depending on where you live, the temperatures are beginning to drop during this time of year. Some runners find cold running difficult to get acclimated to, especially in terms of their breathing. While for others, just getting out in the cold for a run can be the most difficult part. Here are some tips for … Continue reading Running in the Cold

Running Towards Confidence

Last week, in my Pillars of Running Success post, I gave you the factors that make up the foundation of my running and give me what I think is the best chance at being successful. In addition to the things I discussed last week, there are also a few things that play a part in moving … Continue reading Running Towards Confidence

What I Think About While I’m Running

While running, it seems that every thought possible has gone through my head.  From the random, meaningless thoughts to the very important, can’t forget thoughts.  Sadly (or maybe not depending on what the thought was!), with the way that my mind works, within a few minutes I’m thinking about something completely different.  Research shows that … Continue reading What I Think About While I’m Running

What Running Has Taught Me

If you are a runner, or maybe even if you aren’t, you know that running has many different benefits.  Of course, there are the obvious physical benefits as well as mental health benefits such as reducing stress levels and helping to build someone’s confidence. Beyond those benefits, however, are the lessons that are less talked … Continue reading What Running Has Taught Me