Goals Not Resolutions

With a new year underway, it’s time to start working towards new goals.

Or continue in pursuit of old ones.

Every year, I have goals that I write down and clearly define so that I can track my progress towards achieving them throughout the year.

I like to call them goals, not resolutions.

The reason for this is because I think there is almost an expectation or acceptance of breaking whatever resolutions are made.

In fact, I recently saw that 23% of resolutions are broken in the 1st week of the New Year, and only 36% make it to the end of January.

Ultimately, only 9% of resolutions are successfully kept through until the end of the year.

There are so many reasons that resolutions are broken, but one of the most common reasons is that the resolution is too broad – for example “lose weight”.

Instead, you have a much better chance of success if you set small, short-term goals that are more focused and help you to make progress towards your long-term goals.

If you made any resolutions this year, I hope that you are beating the statistics and still keeping them!

But, as I said before, I set goals.

And here are mine for 2023:


…or less.

Overall, I have been happy with the progress I have made from my first marathon in 2005, where I finished in 5:49, to my two best marathons in 2021 and 2022, where I finished in 3:21.

However, since I have gotten this far, it only feels right to keep trying to improve my personal best marathon time.

You might remember that after missing my personal best time (3:21:11) last year in the Copenhagen marathon by 1 second, I made it my goal to run sub-3:20 in Philadelphia near the end of 2022. After running a 3:35 in Philadelphia, I’m determined to finally get that sub-3:20 this year. I will most likely give myself two chances to reach this goal this year – a spring and fall marathon.

Yes – achieving this time would mean cutting off only 1 minute and 12 seconds, but after my Philadelphia Marathon in November it will feel a lot bigger than that!

2,000 Miles

My first year ever going over 2,000 miles (3,200 km) for a year was in 2020 and that was heavily affected by Covid and working from home. Now having gone over the 2,000 mile mark for 3 straight years, I want this to be my standard yearly mileage for right now.

I know it’s a lot of miles. And I know that trying to integrate training for marathons and running every day within that can be tough at times.

Combined, these things can definitely take their toll, but I am taking action to help my body and muscles recover (see below).

Increase Mobility/Flexibility

Flexibility has never been one of my strong points. It’s something that I’ve tried on many occasions to improve but ultimately never stuck with it long enough to have any lasting impact.

So, with that in mind, I have started doing yoga for runners. And since I like doing things every day, I’ve currently done it each day for over two weeks.

As long as I feel benefits from it, I will continue to do it every day either as a warmup, a cooldown or at a different time during the day for some additional exercise or movement.

This can help with recovery after tough workouts or loosening up before a run. There’s a lot of benefits to stretching and I’m hoping that this can finally be the year that I crack the code and allow it to be something that helps me.

And don’t worry, there will be no pictures or videos of me doing this as I don’t think anyone wants to see that!

Continue Streaking

Honestly, over the last couple of months, I have thought a little bit more about when my running streak will come to an end.

Maybe not a specific date or day number, but just what it might feel like and what it is that I want to get out of it.

Whenever it ends, I want to be a better runner than when I started, but at the same time I still want there to be other accomplishments along the way.

They include getting new personal bests in the marathon as well as other distances and running a lot of miles.

As long as I feel like I am still progressing and staying injury-free, then I will continue to run every day.

With Day #2,000 just around the corner (May 16, 2023 to be exact), I have no plans of stopping the streak before then or even this year.

I would love to hear about your running goals in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Goals Not Resolutions

  1. I recently started stretching almost every day before running (only about 10 min) and at night before bed (15-30 min). It seems like it helps with the aches and pains in the mornings.
    Glad to hear the streak won’t end anytime soon. Today marks day 80 for me of 5k or more per day. I’m probably going to stop at 100. I can tell that my races are suffering and some days are really tough to fit it into my schedule. This is only get hard as I begin to go on some VT ski vacations.
    Completing Hyner 25K Trail Race is a big goal of mine this year. I’d also like to do Garden Spot with an average pace of 7:30 or better. Other than that, I just want to stay injury-free and get some age group awards.

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