Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Going into every marathon training plan, there can be a wide range of feelings. Nerves. Anxiety. Expectation. Confidence. Belief. Excitement. All of these can come from past experiences you've had, whether in training or in races. They can also be from what your actual training plan looks like and if it is different or more … Continue reading Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Goals Not Resolutions

With a new year underway, it's time to start working towards new goals. Or continue in pursuit of old ones. Every year, I have goals that I write down and clearly define so that I can track my progress towards achieving them throughout the year. I like to call them goals, not resolutions. The reason … Continue reading Goals Not Resolutions

2022 in Review

At the beginning of each year, I set myself new running goals. I like my goals to be tangible and realistic, but also challenging and beneficial to my long-term running. I have found that setting goals in this way keeps me motivated throughout the year and allows me to easily track how I've done in … Continue reading 2022 in Review

Ready to Run Marathon #10

Some training cycles are really difficult from a mental or physical standpoint. Some are even difficult from both the mental and physical standpoints. If you are a regular reader, you might recall that my training for the Copenhagen marathon in May was a cycle that was challenging in both a mental and physical way. (For … Continue reading Ready to Run Marathon #10

For Streak’s Sake: 1,700 Days and Counting

A few months ago when I reached 1,600 days in my running streak, I made a blog post (click here for a refresher), where I listed a few of the negatives of streaking that myself and other streakers had experienced. It was meant to be a way to share some experiences and show that, just … Continue reading For Streak’s Sake: 1,700 Days and Counting

RunPatRun Race Series – Part 1: Favorite Race – Marine Corps Marathon

When I first started running for fun, something drew me to the marathon.  I’m not sure if it was because I was naïve or because I wanted to challenge myself or maybe it was a combination of the two.  The idea of running long distances just appealed to me – at least in theory.  Growing … Continue reading RunPatRun Race Series – Part 1: Favorite Race – Marine Corps Marathon

Running Towards Confidence

Last week, in my Pillars of Running Success post, I gave you the factors that make up the foundation of my running and give me what I think is the best chance at being successful. In addition to the things I discussed last week, there are also a few things that play a part in moving … Continue reading Running Towards Confidence

Losing Weight to Gain Confidence

On March 3rd 2016, exactly 5 years ago, I had an annual checkup scheduled with my doctor.  Like most people, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a doctor’s visit because it always seems like a change needed to be made.  In that way, this visit would be much the same as before.  Unlike those other … Continue reading Losing Weight to Gain Confidence