Work Smarter, Not Harder

At the end of 2021, I set my running goals for 2022. If you need a refresher, here they are. First among them was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Including my first marathon in 2005, I have completed 8 marathons. My first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005, which I completed in … Continue reading Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Long Run

Long runs are tough. Especially when you aren't used to doing them. Or when the distance is further than you've gone before. There can be many factors - both mental and physical - as to why you might struggle on a long run. That's why it helps to plan ahead if possible when a long … Continue reading The Long Run

Post-Race Blues and How to Overcome Them

So, you've just finished a race recently and it seems like you are lacking motivation to get back out running? Well, you aren't the only one who has experienced this. And it can happen no matter how you did or felt you did in the race itself. While I haven't necessarily felt this after every … Continue reading Post-Race Blues and How to Overcome Them

RunPatRun Race Series – Part 6: 2021 Philadelphia Marathon

When you register for a race, you have certain expectations right away. At least I do. When I registered for the 2021 Philadelphia Marathon, my only real expectation was to get a new personal best marathon time, which was 3:25:51 from 2019. There was just no other way for me to approach this race. And … Continue reading RunPatRun Race Series – Part 6: 2021 Philadelphia Marathon

‘Tis the Season for Running

With Christmas and New Year's coming up, it can be a very difficult time to stay active and keep running. Between time with family, maybe some traveling, and work or family parties, it can be hard to stick to your routine. And that says nothing about the food and/or drinks that you might have as … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Running

Running in the Cold

Depending on where you live, the temperatures are beginning to drop during this time of year. Some runners find cold running difficult to get acclimated to, especially in terms of their breathing. While for others, just getting out in the cold for a run can be the most difficult part. Here are some tips for … Continue reading Running in the Cold