Sub-3:20 or Bust??

As I said in my post, Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again), the overwhelming feeling that I had in the first 7 weeks of training for the Copenhagen Marathon was one of excitement. I was enjoying the whole process - the training as well as some of the things surrounding my training like strength and conditioning, stretching, … Continue reading Sub-3:20 or Bust??

Chasing Boston

The Boston Marathon.  Just the name alone can inspire many runners and non-runners alike. The iconic medal. Heartbreak Hill. The Citgo sign. The turn onto Boylston Street. Growing up, I can honestly say the Boston Marathon was never something that drew my attention.  And even when I was at the very beginning of my running … Continue reading Chasing Boston

Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Going into every marathon training plan, there can be a wide range of feelings. Nerves. Anxiety. Expectation. Confidence. Belief. Excitement. All of these can come from past experiences you've had, whether in training or in races. They can also be from what your actual training plan looks like and if it is different or more … Continue reading Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Ready to Run Marathon #10

Some training cycles are really difficult from a mental or physical standpoint. Some are even difficult from both the mental and physical standpoints. If you are a regular reader, you might recall that my training for the Copenhagen marathon in May was a cycle that was challenging in both a mental and physical way. (For … Continue reading Ready to Run Marathon #10

RunPatRun Race Series – Part 10: 2019 Munich Marathon

In 2006, I went to Germany on vacation to watch the World Cup with a couple of friends. The main purpose of the trip was to enjoy the World Cup with my friends in the country that I was born in. And that's exactly what we did. During the trip, we spent some time in … Continue reading RunPatRun Race Series – Part 10: 2019 Munich Marathon

Copenhagen Marathon – Race Week Update

In my first training update for the Copenhagen Marathon (click Here for a reminder), I explained how my first few weeks of training went, which was about as well as I could have hoped for until a hip issue provided a setback in my 4th week of training. A lot has happened since that update. … Continue reading Copenhagen Marathon – Race Week Update

RunPatRun Race Series – Part 8: Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

This past weekend I raced in the Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon in New Holland, Pennsylvania. As I mentioned in my post last week (click here for a reminder), I was having some concerns in the lead up to this race. I wasn't feeling 100% because of some lingering issues with my hips and how … Continue reading RunPatRun Race Series – Part 8: Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

Another Race, Another Test

This weekend, I will be headed to Amish Country in Pennsylvania to run in the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon. After racing in the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon last September in the same area, Garden Spot Village seems like it will be a similar race with a nice route along country roads. Since the race comes … Continue reading Another Race, Another Test

Copenhagen Marathon Training: The Story So Far – Weeks 1-4

A few weeks ago, in my post - Work Smarter, Not Harder - I explained why and how I was changing my training to prepare for the Copenhagen Marathon this May. I decided that it was time to change things up a little bit to be more solely focused on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. In … Continue reading Copenhagen Marathon Training: The Story So Far – Weeks 1-4

Work Smarter, Not Harder

At the end of 2021, I set my running goals for 2022. If you need a refresher, here they are. First among them was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Including my first marathon in 2005, I have completed 8 marathons. My first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005, which I completed in … Continue reading Work Smarter, Not Harder