Sub-3:20 or Bust??

As I said in my post, Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again), the overwhelming feeling that I had in the first 7 weeks of training for the Copenhagen Marathon was one of excitement. I was enjoying the whole process - the training as well as some of the things surrounding my training like strength and conditioning, stretching, … Continue reading Sub-3:20 or Bust??

Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Going into every marathon training plan, there can be a wide range of feelings. Nerves. Anxiety. Expectation. Confidence. Belief. Excitement. All of these can come from past experiences you've had, whether in training or in races. They can also be from what your actual training plan looks like and if it is different or more … Continue reading Next Up: Copenhagen Marathon (Again)

Copenhagen Marathon – Race Week Update

In my first training update for the Copenhagen Marathon (click Here for a reminder), I explained how my first few weeks of training went, which was about as well as I could have hoped for until a hip issue provided a setback in my 4th week of training. A lot has happened since that update. … Continue reading Copenhagen Marathon – Race Week Update

Copenhagen Marathon Training: The Story So Far – Weeks 1-4

A few weeks ago, in my post - Work Smarter, Not Harder - I explained why and how I was changing my training to prepare for the Copenhagen Marathon this May. I decided that it was time to change things up a little bit to be more solely focused on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. In … Continue reading Copenhagen Marathon Training: The Story So Far – Weeks 1-4