What I Think About While I’m Running

While running, it seems that every thought possible has gone through my head.  From the random, meaningless thoughts to the very important, can’t forget thoughts.  Sadly (or maybe not depending on what the thought was!), with the way that my mind works, within a few minutes I’m thinking about something completely different.  Research shows that … Continue reading What I Think About While I’m Running

Streaking Struggles

If you’re reading this, you probably have a pretty good idea that I’m currently on a running streak.  As of today, I’ve run at least one mile every day since November 24, 2017 – a total of 1,280 consecutive days.  Doing anything for that many days in a row comes with many challenges.  As I’ve … Continue reading Streaking Struggles

Meeting Challenges

What’s more motivating these days than a running challenge?  Nothing!  As I’ve mentioned in past posts, the Dad Bod Jog Club has been a huge motivator for my running in the past year.  The different monthly challenges that they put on keep running interesting especially during these times of very little in-person racing.  I joined … Continue reading Meeting Challenges